Real Estate Series

Real Estate Series ( is a complex email marketing system and event promotion site that I designed, developed, and managed for over four years at The system features an automated CRM query that generates recipient lists based upon on the proximity of the event location, registration history, and customer sales data. The result is the succesful daily deployment of 4-10 email campaigns (120 events anually), to over 62 million recipients each year. Included in the system was a custom built analytic and testing tool that helped us increase open, click-thru, and registration rates (over 60%). Every campaign included 5 invites, 2 reminders, and one registration confirmation, while following all CAN/SPAM rules. The Real Estate Series system uses dynamic, conditional and personalized intelligence functionality within the ResponSys API, and has drastically reduced costly human errors that can occur while sending high-volume, and high-frequency campaigns.